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Unwind Rollerball

Unwind Rollerball

Unwind – Roll on relaxation - For when things become overwhelming. This relaxing blend combines 100% natural pure essential oils with a carrier, to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and helps to calm the mind. Unwind is a blend of essential oils which include Geranium, include Lavender, Juniper and Ho essential oil.

Health Magazine wrote has a fantastic article on using our Unwind roller ball to help discount and relax! Find it here

Rollerball blends are a useful tool in any home and promote well-being in mind, body and spirit. (10ml)

Blended With

Lavender has a wide range of therapeutic effects. It is analgesic, antibacterial and antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, sedative, cardiotonic, cicatrisant (healing), emmenagogic and hypotensive. It is best known for its stress-relieving properties, treating headaches, burns, wounds, irregular periods, asthma, eczema, acne, candida, aches and pains and high blood pressure.

Juniper is anti-catarrhal, anti-seborrheic, antiseptic, diuretic, expectorant and neurotonic. Used to treat bronchitis, oily skin, acne, and dandruff and weeping eczema. It is a kidney tonic and is used for gout, fluid retention, and for debility and fatigue.

How to Use 

Apply to wrists and temples when needed.