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Breast Friend Cream

Meet your new “breast friend”. This nourishing cream helps to lift and firm breast tissue during and after pregnancy. Can be used throughout pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. With Essential Oils of Cypress, Neroli and Peppermint to aid with elasticity and tone. To be used and during pregnancy and before. (100ml)

Blended With 

Cypress is excellent for varicose veins, thread veins, sluggish circulation, broken capillaries and cellulite.

Neroli a great oil for dry and mature skin and is also helpful for anxiety, tension, depression, emotional exhaustion, inflammation and insomnia.

Peppermint is great for healing skin, lifting the spirits.

How to Use

Apply twice daily to the breast area, using the cream around the pectoral muscles to the armpit. Not recommended over nipple whilst breastfeeding.

Safety Data 

Breast Friend Cream Safety Data