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Plai Essential Oil

Plai Essential Oil

Latin Name: Zingiber cassumunar
Plant Family: Zingiberaceae
Extraction: Distillation of the roots 

Plai is from the ginger family and has a warm, ginger aroma. Plai Essential Oil is warming to the circulation, calming, and also could be used for everyday aches and pains.

Belonging to the same family as Ginger. it is steam distilled from the rhizomes (roots). The distillation of fresh roots produces an essential oil that tends to be more aromatically pleasing than when the dried roots are distilled. The rhizome of variant 'Roxburgh' is used medicinally in massage and even in food in Thailand, and somewhat resembles ginger root or galangal. In aromatherapy, Plai essential oil helps to ease pain and inflammation. It is also known as ponlei in Cambodia.

Pure Essential Oil - Available in 3ml,10ml, 25ml, 50ml & 100ml.

Safety Data 

Plai Essential Oil Safety Data Sheet