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Vitality Essential Oil Blend

Nurture Vitality Essential Oil Blend

Vitality essential oil is an aromatic blend specially formulated to revive, stimulate and invigorate. Beneficial when used in the car to maintain alertness and combat weariness during the day, this energy-giving blend is made from Lemon, Black Pepper and Eucalyptus Essential Oils. 

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10ml Essential Oil Blend - Hand-made in the UK

Blended With 

Lemon, a study, found that subjects rated their mood as more pleasant when a room was scented with lemon essential oil than with a malodorous or unscented room. The lemon odour also appeared to influence their personality ratings, as when exposed to the lemon odour participants believed more in an internal source of control and the less they believed that their lives were controlled by chance or powerful others significantly more than when exposed to malodour or no odour. They were also significantly less likely to report symptoms of existing health problems when exposed to lemon odour (Knasko, 1992). These results suggest that lemon essential oil odour lifts the mood and encourages more positive thoughts.

Black Pepper has been used in Folkloric medicine as a stimulant of the digestive system and the central nervous system (CNS). CNS stimulants can increase focus and energy levels. There is some evidence to support black pepper’s CNS stimulant effects, for example, evidence suggests that myristicin, a trace constituent found in black pepper, is converted into amphetamine derivatives by the liver (Braun and Khalben, 1973).  Amphetamines are central nervous system stimulants, so this may play a role in black pepper’s stimulating effect.

Eucalyptus Staigeriana, limonene constitutes 1-14% of Eucalyptus Stageriana. It has been shown to exert sedative and anxiolytic effect (de Almeida et al., 2012), which may explain its reported calming effects. Citral is another major component, citral has been shown in studies to exert antidepressant effects (Komori et al., 1995).

Method of Use 

    Use 4-6 drops in the bath or vaporiser.
    (Always mix in with bath foam or a suitable carrier when using in the bath.) 

    Safety Data 

    WARNING: Do not apply undiluted or internally. Keep away from children and eyes. Store in a cool, dark place.

    Nurture Vitality Essential Oil Safety Data Sheet