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Stretch Mark Saviour

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Stretch Mark Saviour helps to protect your tummy, hips & thighs against stretch marks. A Beautifully rich serum with super nourishing Rose oil combined with Neroli,  Lavender & Frankincense Essential Oils to help reduce the risk of stretch marks appearing & aid skin elasticity. (250ml)

Blended With 

Rose is very beneficial for the skin, it is antiseptic and antifungal, Rose helps balance hormones and relieves stress.

Neroli is a beautiful oil for dry, mature skin and helps with stress, anxiety, tension and insomnia.

Lavender a great all-around oil that is great for various skin conditions and ailments, it helps with inflammation, stress, tension and aches and pains.

Frankincense works for blemishes, dry and mature skin, scars, wounds and wrinkles. It also helps to lift anxiety, stress and tension.

How to Use 

Use every morning & night to help prevent stretching of the skin. Apply to the stomach, upper arms, thighs, lower back & buttocks for maximum protection. Massage gently until absorbed.

Safety Data 

Stretch Mark Saviour Safety Data