Rosewood Essential Oil

Sweet, floral, woody oil and is distilled from the wood chippings. It can be known to help balance oil levels and is calming and soothing.

Latin Name | Aniba rosaeodora | Family: Lauraceae 

  • Antiseptic, cicatrizant, immuno-stimulant, and neuro-tonic, rosewood essential oil is safe to use and is particularly liked by children.  It is commonly used for acne, dermatitis, scars, wounds, sensitive skin and aged skin.  It stimulates the immune system and is useful for colds, fever and infections, while for the nervous system it is beneficial for frigidity, headaches, nervous tension and stress.

  • Blends well with Cypress, Cedarwood, Orange, Neroli, Bergamot &
    Grapefruit. Rosewood is a MIDDLE note

  • There are no known contra-indications. Our Rosewood Essential Oil is made from sustainable sources from India.

    Alcohols (linalool 90% – 97%)

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