Nurture Breathing Lotion

Nurture Breathing Lotion, a blend of Eucalyptus Smithii, Peppermint, Lavandin and HyssopEssential Oils, a lotion for the chest and neck to maintain healthy respiration. Nurture Breathing is essential for Autumn, Winter and Spring to keep your respiratory system healthy.

Lavandin is anti-catarrhal, expectorant and sedative. Useful for asthma inflammation and pain.
Peppermint is respiratory, uplifting and cooling. Peppermint is also good for healing the skin.
Hyssop is a strong oil for the respiratory system and calming. Useful for asthma and bronchitis.
Eucalyptus Smithii is a gentle essential oil that is respiratory and warming. Helps with coughs colds and fever.

Nurture blends are a useful tool in any home and promote wellbeing in mind, body and spirit.
From the Penny Price Aromatherapy Nurture Collection.
Available in 100ml


Nurture Breathing Lotion – Penny Price Aromatherapy