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Nappy Nurse Cream - Sale Stock

This product has a short shelf life BBE 08/22 - Available in 100ml

Nappy Nurse Cream protect and soothe delicate bottoms! Protect your baby’s bottom & soothe irritation with our rich & effective Nappy Nurse cream, with Lavender, Canadian Balsam and Roman Chamomile Essential Oils. Nappy Nurse cares for your baby's skin. 

Blended With 

Lavender helps to heal skin and is useful for dry irritated skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema. Lavender is uplifting and helps with stress and tension as well as aches, pains and joint pain.

Canadian Balsam is beneficial for burns cuts and wounds, it is a grounding oil that helps to lift tension and stress.

Roman Chamomile is helpful in treating eczema, dermatitis, cuts, burns, rashes, inflammation and great for sensitive skin. it also helps with inflammation of the muscles and joints. traditionally it is used to lift stress and tension.

How to Use 

Apply gently to the bottom at every nappy change. If the area is sore & red, apply the cream more frequently during the day.

Safety Data 

Nappy Nurse Safety Data