Penny Price Aromatherapy

Mind, Body & Spirit - Daily Wellbeing Gift set

Purification, clarity and relief - Nurture your mind body and spirit on a daily basis with four handy little items!

Start your day and cleanse, detox and purify with Nurture Purification Oil, great to use in a vaporiser along with Nurture clarity lotion which will help you keep a clear head.

Work out daily tension in the head neck and shoulders with headworks cream great after a long day and if you are on the go the Head Rollerball can help prevent head tension when out and about.


Headworks Cream

A calming blend of grapefruit, peppermint and rosemary essential oils in a massage cream base to help soothe everyday aches and pains of the head, neck and shoulders. Gently massage in where required.

  • Apply to the temples, forehead and back of the neck to help ease tension. 
Head Rollerball

Head Rollerball - Roll on relief

A blend of selected pure essential oils in silky carrier oils of apricot and coconut, in a handy rollerball applicator, to help prevent head tension. Apply to the temples and nape of the neck as required.

  • Apply to wrists and temples when needed.

Nurture Purification Essential Oil

Chosen to help cleanse and detoxify the mind, body and spirit and bring uplifted thoughts this lovely blend of cypress, biter orange, basil and sweet marjoram will help to push out the old and enable new beginnings if used regularly.

  • Use 4-6 drops in the bath or vaporiser.
  • Always mix in with bath foam or a suitable carrier when using in the bath.

Nurture Clarity Lotion

A non-greasy, easy-to-apply lotion containing a subtle blend of lavandin, cornmint, basil and Roman chamomile essential oils. When used on a regular basis, this body lotion will help to encourage clear thinking and promote good decision-making.

  • Apply a small amount to the temples & forehead when needed