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Luxury Facial Oil Duo Gift Set

COSMOS NaturalAn opulent gift for skincare lovers or a treat for yourself.

Indulge in the exquisite simplicity of plant power to enhance your skincare regime with the Luxury Facial Oil collection by Penny Price Aromatherapy.

Curate your very own Luxury Facial Oil routine by selecting both a morning and night option to incorporate into your self-care ritual.

Jasmine - Restorative, cell renewing and healing to dry skin. Provides a natural glow and nourishing moisture. Inhibits the development of fine lines and wrinkles and evens skin tone

RoseSkin-soothing and anti-inflammatory. Protective and astringent for a firmer appearance. Combats dullness, pigmentation, and fine lines.

Linden BlossomPowerful antioxidant protection. Locks in moisture for a softer, firmer complexion. Anti-inflammatory and calming.

NeroliHelps with the regeneration of skin cells. Improves skin elasticity. Tones and smooths

MelissaAntibacterial and cleansing. Calming and anti-inflammatory. Lift your spirits and relax with the delightful aroma.

Luxury Face Oils:  JasmineRoseLinden BlossomNeroli & Melissa

Blended with Jojoba

Non-greasy and rich in Vitamins B and E, antioxidants, stearic acid, and minerals. Jojoba is balancing, hydrating, seals in moisture and provides a protective shield, soothes, and stimulates collagen production.

How to Use

Gently massage 2-3 drops into the face, neck and decolletage for instant radiance. Use alone or overlay with your favourite moisture cream for a rich luxurious treatment.