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It’s Almost Time Gift set

It’s Almost Time

This Amazing Gift Set is the perfect treat for any soon to be Mummy. It’s Almost Time to welcome the new arrival into the world. This essential Gift set is perfect for any mum who has between 8-10 weeks of pregnancy remaining.

Products Included

Perinease oil: We love this product, it helps to soften and prepare the perineum for birth. With Palmarosa essential oils. 50ml 

Labour Massage Oil: Soothe and calm your aches and pains during labour with this relaxing massage oil. With Clary Sage, Petitgrain and Clove. 50ml 

Aches Away Cream: Support and ease your backache with this gorgeous and therapeutic cream. With Lavender, Black pepper, Sweet Orange and Marjoram. 100ml

Relax and Sleep Bath Foam: Unwind and relax for a good night’s sleep with our luxurious bath foam. With Essential Oils of Lavender, Geranium, Juniper, and Palmarosa for rest and calm. 250ml

How to Use

Perinease: Use this nutritive oil every day during the last 2 months of pregnancy to help elasticity and to prepare for childbirth.

Labour Support: Apply to the abdomen and lower back during actual labour to help relax and soothe.

Relax and Sleep Bath Foam: Add to running water to produce foam and aroma and soak for at least 10 minutes so the essential oils can take effect.

Aches Away: Apply to the small of the back and hips, and to the neck and shoulders to relieve back tension.