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Cosy Christmas Essential Oil Set

🕯️ Enjoy a Cosy Christmas! 🕯️

There's something truly special about the aromas of Christmas, isn't there? The memories they evoke are like little time capsules, bringing back the warmth of mulled wine, the cosiness of cinnamon, the freshness of clementines, the sweetness of mince pies, and the crispness of pine trees. These scents have a way of making each holiday season unforgettable.

Our unique essential oil synergies are packed with the unforgettable aromas of Christmas whilst bringing warming and calming emotions for well-being.

Hand Blended & Hand Filled in the UK this pack contains 3 essential oil synergies:

Christmas Peace (10ml) - Lavender, Geranium. Ho Leaf, Juniper
Christmas Love (10ml)- Lavandin, Jasmine, Ho Leaf, Ylang Ylang
Christmas Gold (10ml) - Frankincense, Sweet Orange & Myrrh

What's Inside? 

Christmas Peace - Lavender, Geranium. Ho Leaf, Juniper – A soft floral aroma to aid relaxation after a busy or stressful day.

Lavender – Stress and Tension
Geranium – Detoxifying and balancing
Ho Leaf - Calming and respiratory
Juniper – Warming and Uplifting

Christmas Love - Lavandin, Jasmine, Ho Leaf, Ylang Ylang – A deep floral blend to help bring about an emotional state of forgiveness and benevolence.

Lavandin – Stress and Respiratory
Jasmine – Anxiety and Stress
Ho Leaf - uplifting, cleansing, clearing and relaxing properties
Ylang Ylang – Stress and Anxiety

Christmas Gold - Frankincense, Sweet Orange & Myrrh - A sweet woody aroma reflecting the 3 gifts brought to Jesus as well as being emotionally uplifting and warming.

Frankincense – Emotionally uplifting and Calming
Sweet Orange – Digestive and Uplifting
Myrrh – Respiratory and Warming

How to Use

Diffuser: Just add 3 to 5 drops per 100ml of water to your diffuser for an instant holiday atmosphere.

Vapouriser: Alternatively, use 4 to 6 drops in a small amount of water for a gentle release of these delightful aromatic oils into your surroundings.

Whether you seek relaxation or a burst of energy, our Christmas oil blends are here to cater to your needs. Always remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for a safe and delightful experience.


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