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Walnut Carrier Oil 100ml BBE 02/23

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Walnut Carrier Oil

Latin Name: Juglans regia
Plant Family: Juglandaceae
Extraction: Cold pressing of the nuts & kernels

Helps maintain healthy circulation, externally walnut oil is beneficial for scalp itching, peeling and dandruff and is an emollient and itch-relieving treatment for skin disorders.

A light yellow, unlike the cold-pressed refined oil, is light in colour, has a bland taste and a low odour, it also has superior keeping qualities & to that of the organic oil. A deep golden brown oil is obtained from the kernel

It has been established from fossils that the walnuts found in Northern Europe that the tree is a pre-Ice Age plant! It is native to the Himalayas, China and Eastern Europe, but is grown in all temperate countries for its timber and edible nuts. The chief constituent present in the fresh plant is juglone which is antibacterial and fungicidal. The leaves also contain a small amount of Essential Oil.

Available in 100ml

Therapeutic Properties 
  • scalp itching, peeling and dandruff 
  • Emollient and itch relieving treatment in skin disorders
  • Sunburn & superficial burns 
  • An antalgic for mouth and throat 
  • Said to be effective in treating eczema (Bartram 1996)

(Len & Shirley Price: Carrier Oils for Aromatherapy & Massage 4th Edition) 

Safety Data 

No known contraindications although the wood has been reported as an irritant. Always check allergies. 

Walnut Carrier Oil Safety Data