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Confidence, Control & Focus

Our brand new bundle has been specially picked and centred around Chakras. This is based around the Root, Sacral, Solar, Third eye and crown chakras. These products are useful for anxiety, self-control, loss of focus and feelings of disconnection. With Rose, Lemon and Peppermint Hydrolats and a FREE Think Rollerball.

Confidence, Control and Focus. We are pleased to announce our brand new bundle that has been specially picked and is centred all around the Sacral, Solar, Third eye and crown chakras. This handy little bundle is useful for combating anxiety, self-control, focus and feelings of disconnection. This bundle includes:

Lemon Hydrolat - Root Chakra 
Gives mental clarity, helps with confidence, decision making, stamina and a clear head with its zesty and uplifting aroma also helps the circulation

Rose Hydrolat - Solar Chakra
Helps to remove mental blocks, balances both male and female energies and helps to lift the mood. Rose is supporting comforting and calming

Peppermint Hydrolat - Third Eye Chakra
Peppermint is refreshing helps with realisation, memory, understanding and helps to uplift the spirits

FREE - Think Rollerball - Crown Chakra
Enhances clear thinking and decision making, this clearing blend can also be used to balance head tension, giving a feeling of clarity and well-being.

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