Velvet Feeding Mask

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Our Feeding Mask Base product is nourishing and intensely moisturizing, it can be used on it own to renew and rejuvenate skin or add you’re own Essential Oils to this for a touch of luxury. Available in 100ml, 500ml, 1000ml.



Velvet Feeding Mask By Penny Price, add a touch of luxury to your skincare routine, our feeding mask is intensely nourishing and moisturising to the skin leaving it feeling renewed and rejuvenated. Add your own Essential Oils to the feeding mask to add to the nourishing properties to suit your skin’s needs or just to create your own bespoke aromas.

Penny Price Base Products can be used to create so many wonderful things for therapeutic or beauty treatments. Try Adding Essential OilsCarrier Oils and other Base Products and start getting creative!

See Penny Price Academy of Aromatherapy for Courses in Clinical Aromatherapy and the Cosmetic Making Course to learn how to create your own products.

Method of Use

How to Use: Use alone or blended with your own Oils, Butters, Clays of Gels. Apply to the skin after you’ve cleansed then leave on for a few minutes before washing off. Pat skin dry and follow up with a toning or moisturising routine.

For every 50mls of Carrier or Base product, 15 Drops of Essential Oil can be used.

Velvet Feeding Mask MSDS
Using Essential Oils
Essential Oil Notes & Odours

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