Sandalwood Essential Oil

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Sandalwood is a sweet, balsamic, woody aroma with fresh overtones and a comforting base. Sandalwood is cleansing and useful for dry skin conditions.



Sandalwood | Latin Name: Santalum austrocaledonicum | Family: Santalaceae | Extraction: Distillation | Plant Part: Heartwood & Roots

A yellow, thick oil with a sweet, balsamic, woody aroma with fresh overtones and a comforting base.

It is a small, evergreen tree about 9 metres high, it has brown-grey bark, leathery leaves and small pink flowers. The tree has to be over thirty years old before it is ready for the production of essential oil, which is extracted from the heartwood of the tree. The Australian type produces a very similar oil but with a dry-bitter top note. The so-called West Indian Sandalwood or Amyris is a poor substitute and bears no botanical relation to the East Indian type.


Blends well with Rose, Black Pepper, Bergamot, Rosewood and Patchouli.

Sandalwood is a BASE note – Essential Oil Notes & Odours



Sandalwood is anti-infectious, cardiotonic, decongestant, neuro-relaxant and sedative. It is also a sexual tonic and a bronchial dilator. It is most often used to treat chronic bronchitis, cystitis and coughs. It is also useful for a tired heart, varicose veins and skin disease (particularly dry skin conditions). As a nerve relaxant, sandalwood is effective for lumbago, neuralgia and sciatica, while also being commonly used to overcome impotence.

Essential Oil Properties & Meanings

Herbal & Folk Tradition

Sandalwood is mainly used for making religious furniture and incense and is mentioned many times in the Bible and other religious writings as having antiseptic and ‘mysterious’ . It is one of the oldest perfume materials with 4000 years of uninterrupted use.  Chinese medics use it to treat stomach ache, vomiting, skin complaints and gallbladder conditions.  In Ayuvedic medicine, it is used for urinary and respiratory conditions and chronic diarrhoea.

Safety Data & MSDS

There are no known contra-indications.

Alcohol (A-santanol and B-santalol, sesquiterpenols), 65% – 90%

Sandalwood MSDS
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