Cypress Essential Oil

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Cypress has a soft, wood-spice aroma and is excellent for helping the appearance of cellulite. Cypress is also tonic and circulatory.



Cypress | Latin Name: Cupressus Sempivirens | Family: Coniferae| Extraction: Distillation | Plant Part: Needles, Twigs

This Essential Oil is a pale yellow-green oil with a smoky, turpentine, balsamic aroma set in a fresh pie-like background.

It is a tall evergreen tree with a conical shape.  It bears small flowers and round, brown cones, or nuts that are distilled to produce the essential oil. Native to the eastern Mediterranean but now grows in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, North Africa and England. Cultivation and distillation take place in France, Spain and Morocco. There is various Cypress found around the world which is used to produce essential oil, the C.sempervirens is considered the most superior.


Blends well with: Benzoin, Clary Sage, Juniper, Lemon, Lavender, Linden Blossom, Orange, Pine, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Marjoram, Chamomile Moroccan, Cedarwood, Cardamom and Mandarin.

Cypress is a MIDDLE to BASE note – Essential Oil Notes & Odours


Cypress is an astringent, antispasmodic, hormone-like and neuro tonic.  It is irreplaceable when treating varicose veins, thread veins and haemorrhoids as it is so effective.  Cypress also regulates the nervous system to calm and de-stress as well as being useful for, bronchitis and whooping cough.  It is used for ovarian conditions.

Essential Oil Properties & Meanings

Herbal & Folk Tradition

Cypress gave its name to the island where it used to be worshipped. It was said that Apollo transformed a young Greek named Cuparissos into the Cypress tree. It is also a legend that the cross was made from a Cypress tree and it generally has a common connection with death. Very much used in Biblical times for purging and purification. Also for heavy perspiration loss from the body, or heavy blood loss such as during menstruation.


Safety Data and MSDS

There are no known contra-indications.  Cypress has a remarkable astringent action, far superior to Witch Hazel.

Monoterpenes <70%, esters 5%.

Cypress MSDS
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