Apricot Carrier Oil

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A light & less oily carrier

Apricot Kernel Oil has similar properties to Almond oil however it is less produced. Apricot Kernel Oil is perfect for the skin and great when used in skincare.



Apricot | Latin Name: Prunus armeniaca | Family: Rosaceae | Extraction: Cold Pressing of Kernels | Plant Part: Kernels

A pale yellow carrier oil, fairly strong in odour with a marzipan-like scent.

Apricot is a deciduous tree growing up to about 9 metres high. From February to March white flowers are tinged with red appear soon followed by the leaves, this gives the tree an attractive appearance and distinguishes it from the Peachtree. Native to China it was transported to the Middle East following which the Romans established many orchards in Southern Europe. In 1720 the tree reached the USA where it continues to flourish, Apricots are grown commercially in the South of France.


Apricot Kernel Oil has similar used to Sweet Almond oil, it is said to be effective in reducing blood cholesterol levels and is also used in laxative preparations.

Excellent for skin protection, being both emollient and nourishing, beneficial for relieving itching caused by eczema and is suitable for sensitive, dry and ageing skin.

Methods of Use

For every 10-15 ml of carrier oil or base product add 3-4 drops of Essential Oils

Massage Blend: For very dry or ageing skin

Apricot Carrier Oil – 20ml
Evening Primrose Carrier Oil – 10ml
Rosehip Carrier Oil – 20ml

Frankincense Essential Oil – 4 Drops
Geranium Essential Oil – 4 Drops
Rose Otto Essential Oil – 1 Drop
Rose Absolute Essential Oil – 1 Drop
Sandalwood Essential Oil – 1 Drop

Mix together your Carrier Oil to make a 50ml blend. Then add the Essential Oils in one by one and mix well. Use daily or when needed – apply a small amount to the afflicted area.

Herbal Tradition & Folklaw

The crushed fruit has been used as a facial mask to soften the skin. Rosaceae seeds, apricot, peach and plum contain quantities of amygdalin and are therefore occasionally responsible for mild intoxication. In Chinese medicine, apricot kernels are used as an antitussive and antiasthmatic and in treating tumours.

Safety Data & MSDS


Apricot MSDS

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