Illuminous Cream Skin Type Breakdowns – Why it is moisturising for the skin and its effects

Moisturising is the one step in your beauty routine which you should never miss, as keeping your skin hydrated gives it the appearance of being fresh and dewy and helps to minimise dullness. Drinking lots of water can really help – indeed I think it is essential to have about 2 litres of water a day for your skin’s sake. Hydrating the skin helps to keep it youthful and in good condition meaning that you will probably need less makeup, and so moisturisation from creams, lotions and serums is also really important. I bet you didn’t know this, but the skin is not waterproof, because if it was, moisturisers applied topically wouldn’t work! The skin is water-resistant, and the technology behind a good moisture cream is to engineer it in such a way as the resistant barrier is crossed and water can enter the skin.  Many cheap moisturisers are simply barrier creams in that they prevent water loss, but don’t add water to the top layers of the skin and so your moisturiser is – or should be – an investment.

However, using the wrong type of moisturiser for your skin type could make your skin look worse over time. For example, choosing a cream that is too heavy can drag down delicate and fine skin, and can also cause spots in acne-type skin.  If you pick one that is too light, then this can lead to dry skin and more wrinkles. Happily, Penny Price Aromatherapy makes a wonderful skincare range called Illuminous, which has the perfect moisturiser for each different type of skin. Following decades of professional experience in the aromatherapy and skincare sectors, and having formulated and developed many top-selling products for some of the best-known branded skincare companies out there, I decided that the time was ripe to turn that extensive knowledge and skill to the creation of my own range of exquisite, handmade products which combine luxury, simplicity and efficacy, so read on!

Dry Skin – Dry skin can be hereditary or caused by the ageing process. It can also be caused by cold weather, central heating, too much sun, not drinking enough water and many other factors. Dry skin can often give a flaky appearance while feeling tight and uncomfortable, dry skin needs hydration. First, check your water intake and your diet.  Many instances of dry skin can be helped by upping your vegetable and salad intake, with more water in your daily routine. Second, you can quench your thirsty skin with the right kind of moisturiser.

Super Hydrating Day Cream: Formulated to combat the effects weather, heating systems and of ageing, this beautifully intense day cream gives skin a smooth and nourished appearance. With precious oils of hydrating ad regenerating lavender flower and anti-ageing palmarosa to promote healthy, radiant skin, this cream is the one I use every day. With Evening Primrose oil to help stimulate skin growth and Hyaluronic acid that gives extreme moisturisation, along with sea kelp and other essential oils for deep moisturisation, this medium-weight cream is perfect to give your skin an illuminous glow and combat the flakiness of dry skin.

Oily Skin – Oily skin can leave you constantly reaching for tissue paper and face powder If you’re scared that adding a moisturiser to your beauty routine will only make the problem worse, you couldn’t be more wrong. Skin will produce extra oil anyway to combat weather, heating and other factors, so moisturising can help reduce oil if you use the right kind. A light lotion moisturiser is best and I have just the one!

Bright and Radiant Moisture Milk: Made with radiance-boosting rose water, Golden Kelp and Vitamin E to impart an even skin tone, with radiance and intense moisturisation that helps to balance the oil production of the skin. This is a really light lotion with a magic ingredient called hazelnut oil. I know you would not think that oil could help oily skin, but actually, hazelnut oil is stimulating to the blood supply to bring health and colour to sallow, oily skin, and it also absorbs sebum and helps to control the manufacture of sebum on the skin. Easy to apply, this lovely light lotion is the answer to the oil!


Combination Skin – It can be hard to find the right moisturiser to have combination skin. However, essential oils can be adaptogenic – they adapt to the situation they are in. so for example, geranium oil can help oily skin but will also help dry skin. What you need is a medium to lightweight moisturiser that you can apply to the T-zone and also the neck area to nourish and help both.


Perfect Harmony Moisture Cream: With pure Shea Butter and Hazelnut Oil infused with Juniper Needle oil, this is the perfect moisturiser for combination skin. With active ingredients such as geranium oil, juniper oil and petitgrain oil to complement your skin for a naturally balanced look. Perfect Harmony helps to give an even skin tone and to minimise fine lines and wrinkles


Sensitive Skin – It can be difficult to find a moisturiser for sensitive skin, and many people are recommended to go for fragrance-free options. I would agree if the fragrances are not natural as parfum is not good for any type of skin. However essential oils used properly and in small quantities can really help with sensitivity, eczema, itchiness and redness. It is always better to have a moisturiser that contains natural ingredients, and if you wanted to patch=test, we can send you a sample.

Super Soothing Moisture Cream: Formulated with precious oils of lavender, bergamot, juniper and chamomile, Super Soothing Moisture Cream is especially for sensitive, flaky, red or itchy skin. It glides on easily, soothing and calming your skin. Great for eczema-type skin as well as other types of sensitivity, the key ingredients include Raspberry seed oil which is anti-inflammatory, helpful for eczema, rashes and other skin lesions (also used in sunscreens as it has the ability to absorb UV radiation) and Calendula flower oil, which is skin healing, soothing, antiseptic, anti-itching and anti-inflammatory.

Ageing skin – we all know the reasons for this – we all get older! However, keep drinking the water and eat a good diet and you will be surprised how much this helps. All mature skin needs special care, and Illuminous has a range of facial oils for underneath your usual moisture cream, and also a beautiful night to light serum for underneath a good night cream. I want to introduce you to my lovely night cream.


Night to Light Renewal Night Cream: This rich and buttery night cream works while you sleep to deliver deep moisturisation and diminish fine lines. With Camellia Oil, Konjac Root, Vitamin E and Carrot Seed Oil, to help renew and rejuvenate your skin, these wonderful actives also help to stimulate collagen and repair cellular damage while you sleep. With sumptuous moisturising and antiaging oils of macadamia nut, neroli and palmarosa, you will soon notice a difference when you face your mirror in the mornings!

For any discerning woman on her search for healthier, firmer, more youthful-looking skin, my Illuminous skincare range is probably one of the surest, most reliable and adaptable skincare ranges that can be confidently recommended. Each product is ideally balanced and suitable to work harmoniously with any skin type, and the range is subdivided for daytime and nighttime facial routines. It all works in a complementary, almost synergistic way, providing the perfect basis for complete and exclusive skincare planning.

I really hope you enjoy using Illuminous, my new collection, which has been lovingly brought to life after many years of aromatherapy and formulation experience. If you would like help in choosing products to suit your particular skin, or simply want advice on how to get the best from Illuminous, then please call or email; we’re always happy to help. 01455 251020, [email protected]