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Sleep Gift Set

Discover Tranquil Nights with Our Sleep Set 🌙

Are hot summer nights keeping you up? Is sleep feeling like an elusive dream? We understand, and we have just the solution you need. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to the bliss of deep, rejuvenating sleep with our Sleep Set. Our products, carefully selected from our wind-down and relax range, are designed to be your oasis of calm, helping you shed the day's stresses and ushering in a serene and peaceful night's sleep.

Includes a FREE Dream rollerball - Worth £6.00

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Why Choose Our Sleep Set?

Natural Serenity: Inside this set lies a treasure trove of essential oils renowned for their sedative and calming effects. These botanical wonders work together harmoniously, soothing your senses and lulling you into a state of tranquil relaxation.

The Dream Rollerball: For those nights when your mind simply won't switch off after a long, sweltering day, our Dream Rollerball comes to the rescue. It's like a lullaby for your mind. Hand-blended with precision, it boasts a blend of Lavender, known for its tranquil properties; Bergamot, which melts away anxiety; Ylang Ylang, a master of relaxation; Sandalwood, grounding and serene; and Chamomile, the epitome of calmness. Together, they create a symphony of relaxation, guiding you effortlessly into dreamland.

How to Use

Wind Down & Relax Shower Gel 
Apply a small amount, lather, and rinse.

Wind Down & Relax Moisturiser 
Spread a small amount between hands and massage into the skin.

Dream Rollerball 
Apply to wrists and temples before bed.