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Christmas Oil Pack

Using essential oils is a quick and easy way to add a little Christmas magic to your home. Penny Price Aromatherapy has created 6 unique oil synergies packed with the unforgettable aromas of Christmas!

A perfect stocking filler, BUY THREE of our Christmas oils and receive them in festive Christmas packaging with a 10% discount for buying three oils!

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Christmas Oils 

    Christmas Gold - Our Christmas Gold blended Essential Oil. With classic Frankincense, Myrrh and Sweet Orange Essential Oils, this blend will definitely get you in the spirit! (10ml)

    Christmas Tree - Surround yourself with the wonderful aromas of Winter Trees. Our Christmas Tree blends Douglas Fir, Cypress, Silver Fir, and Pine Scotch Essential Oils. Surround yourself with the outdoors this holiday. (10ml)

    Christmas Aroma - Fill your home with Christmas with our Christmas Aromas Oil. Blended with Cinnamon, Sweet Orange, Pine Scotch and Nutmeg Essential Oils. this blend will take you back. (10ml)

    Christmas Love - Fill your home with the aroma of Christmas.! Pure organic ingredients blended with Lavandin Super, Ho Leaf, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang. Three drops of this essential oil beautifully diffuse into the air to induce relaxation or stimulation. (10ml)

    Christmas Joy - This blend will bring joyfulness and high spirits! Fill your home with Joy this Christmas. Blended with Ho Leaf, Bergamot, Eucalyptus and Rose Essential Oils. (10ml)

    Christmas Peace - Take a moment of zen with our Christmas Peace Blend, with Ho Leaf, Juniper Lavender and Geranium Essential Oils. Don't forget to take some time for yourself and relax over this busy holiday period. (10ml)

    How to Use 

    Diffuser: Use 3 to 5 drops per 100ml of water 
    Vapouriser: Use 4 to 6 drops in a small amount of water

    Subtle release of aromatic oils into the air to induce relaxation or stimulation. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions