Valentines Blends By Penny Price

Essential oils for relationships are invaluable as our sense of smell is closely linked with our emotions, therefore aromas can either enhance our mood or detract from it. Many essential oils are [...]

A Rose by any other name…

The Rosaceae family, a small but very prestigious family has the queen of flowers as a member. Originating from Asia, there are some 250 different species of rose and over 10,000 different hybrid [...]

Sustainability & Essential Oils

Have you ever stopped to think about just how much plant material it takes to produce any particular essential oil? Oil bearing plants may contain anything from 0.005% to 10% essential oil, with [...]

What Would i Tell my 24 Year Old Self?

I actually very much enjoyed being 24. It felt as though I was at my best in all sorts of ways; my hair was thick and shiny, my skin was good and I had a lot of friends from work and church. [...]

Your Basic Skincare Routine

Of course, we all know a quick and balanced daily skincare routine is a good idea. But, with so many lotions, creams, and tips out there, it’s hard to know where to start! Plus, time is of the [...]

Beautiful Skin According to Science

Here at Penny Price Aromatherapy, we believe in pure, natural, vegan skincare that works. This does not mean there is no science in it! Through this blog we will look at ageing, products that are [...]

Introduction to Aromatherapy

Introduction to Aromatherapy By Penny Price     Aromatherapy has become very popular over recent years.  It is a label that is generally added to anything that smells. The word [...]

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