Essential Oils & Cleaning around the Home

The average modern household uses around 25 or more different cleaning, disinfecting and fragrancing. Commercial cleaning products often use synthetic aromas in their product which can not only [...]

Aromatherapy and Pregnancy

The practice of aromatherapy goes back thousands of years and several oils are mentioned in the Bible as God’s remedy! Simply, aromatherapy means a treatment (therapy) designed to help or cure [...]

Women in Business – My Journey By Penny Price

Where to start! I have been very fortunate to have worked in my parent’s business from quite a young age and to pick up tips from them. BUT nothing, absolutely nothing, prepared me for running [...]

Aromas and the Bible

There are numerous references to essential oils or, the plant they are derived from in the Bible. Some precious oils, such as frankincense, myrrh, galbanum, rosemary, hyssop, cassia, cinnamon and [...]

Uplifting Essential Oils to help with the blues By Penny Price

Plant oils extracted from flowers, trees, bushes, and herbs can be used to assist with a wide variety of ailments. The use of essential oils in our everyday lives can uplift our moods and [...]

Valentines Blends By Penny Price

Essential oils for relationships are invaluable as our sense of smell is closely linked with our emotions, therefore aromas can either enhance our mood or detract from it. Many essential oils are [...]

A Rose by any other name…

The Rosaceae family, a small but very prestigious family has the queen of flowers as a member. Originating from Asia, there are some 250 different species of rose and over 10,000 different hybrid [...]

Brilliant Bases and what you can do with them

  So you read in my last blog about adding your own blends of therapeutic essential oils to our lovely SLES-free base for shampoos, shower gels and bath soaks! So this time I am going to [...]

Sustainability & Essential Oils

Have you ever stopped to think about just how much plant material it takes to produce any particular essential oil? Oil bearing plants may contain anything from 0.005% to 10% essential oil, with [...]