Balancing Chakras

Balancing The Severn Chakras

For our Part three on Chakras and Aromatherapy, we are going to have a look into using and balancing your Chakras in your everyday life and some great products to help you along your way. We have discussed the seven Chakras what they are and what they represent within the body and we have discussed Auric Fields, what they are and how they work. However, we have gone through this information with you but have not really talked about how to take advantage and use them together as well as to get a clearer picture of how to balance in everyday life.

What does “being in balance” or “balancing your Chakras” really mean? As we discussed in our previous blog posts, Chakras open and close like flower petals when the Chakra is open and then flows into our Auric fields, it is all about allowing each Chakra to open and each Auric Field to open into the next – all energy must be free-flowing to maintain a healthy balance. As we discussed Chakras can become blocked, for example, if we suffer an accident your energy can become out of balance, your energy field and Chakra act like a valve opening or closing to help make the energy become stable whilst the physical body can mend itself meaning the Chakra and Auric Field will not be in balance until the physical body heals, but this can also mean if we are in emotional pain or emotions are being suppressed we could feel this in our physical energy layers which can even cause us physical pain.

To be happy and healthy we have to start at the beginning or, the bottom. To build a house we need good foundations so we have to make sure, as human beings, that we have good foundations so we can have a happy, interactive life. First lets piece all the bits of information given over the past few weeks and what it actually all means when we talk about how Chakras and Auric/ Energy Fields work with each other, how they can be impacted or become blocked, how energy is connected to us and everything around us and this impacts us.

Chakras & Auric Fields

Let us start with the Root Chakra, starting at the base of the spine, it relates to the closest and first Auric Field to our bodies that is the Etheric Body, a vibrant layer that is our physical protection. If we take care of physical body then our Root Chakra will vibrate in a neutral state and be fully open into the first layer of our Auric Field which in turn will vibrate equally around the body. If our Root Chakra and first Auric Field is open and vibrating equally we should feel grounded stable and able to focus on ourselves and relationships with others. Our Root Chakra also represents our physical needs, security and our need to reproduce.

If we do not feel grounded, stable and physically well our Root Chakra can close, vibrate and pulsate trying to maintain an energetic balance and because if this it will not be open to our first layer of energy. As we said before all Chakras and Auric Fields must remain open and free-flowing to maintain a healthy balance of energy. The Root Chakra when it becomes closed can cause us to feel tired, irritable and unable to deal with ourselves in a usual and balanced manner. We can become closed off, demanding and selfish as well as feeling the physical effects which in turn affect our mood.

To maintain a healthy Root Chakra you can start at the basics, improve your posture, take regular exercise, eat well and keep a regular sleeping pattern even just taking a little time for yourself physically will make a big difference.

A Chakra is not the cause of our discomfort or decide to become out of balance and in turn causing us physical and emotional difficulties or pain or make us ill. The state of the physical aspect of our everyday reality (security and /or physical health) causes the chakra and the energy field to change state. When we discover that a chakra is out of balance then we are discovering that something in that part of the physical aspect is not right. The chakra is like an early warning alarm.

So as you can see we are now piecing the bits of information together on Chakras and their related Auric Fields.

The second Chakra – The Sacral Chakra opens to the second layer or Energy/Auric Field (emotional body) because the Sacral Chakra governs how we relate to others, our relationships, emotions, sexuality and relationships on an emotional level. When this Chakra is closed or not functioning properly we will not function well in our relationships, lack confidence and have little self-esteem. We will not want people in our close personal space and our energy field may feel heavy and dark. People who give off generally “negative vibes” can cause our energy fields to become out of balance also as this negative energy may seep into our own energy field. Maintaining balanced and healthy relationships can help this Chakra and Auric Field stay balanced, firstly taking care or each Chakra/ Auric Field before will make each step easier, suppressing your emotions can cause your Sacral Chakra to close off this can then start to seep into the next energy field depleting your physical energy. We can all relate to being physically exhausted after an emotional outburst or after being in a bad mood that just seems to sap all of your energy.

So without going into each Chakra and the Energy/Auric Field, it flows into, its all about building yourself up step by step starting with the root, taking care physically will help open up each Chakra and tp maintain balanced energy. There are steps we can all do ourselves whether it may be taking better care of ourselves physically, or being more honest emotionally or just generally being more positive if you already have a good foundation but there are many different ways to keep your Chakras and Energy Fields in balance. As mentioned already, to take care of our physical body and lead a loving caring compassionate life. If you want to help your body in the process of staying well then here are some examples:

Reiki or Energy Healing
Crystal Healing
Colour Therapy
Yoga or Qigong
Sound Therapy

Balancing with Colour

Balancing with Crystals

When we are out of balance we often feel unable to eat better or make the changes we need to make because we could be tired or emotionally exhausted. We sometimes know the changes we have to make but do not have the strength or will power. Some people are so ‘blocked and out of balance that they cannot see what they how to do to make the changes. This is when balancing your body and therefore your chakras and energy fields can help. We often need to go to an experienced healer/teacher to help us.

When the body is put back into balance by a healer or by one of the practices above it can only be balanced to the best it can be under the circumstances. The healing or balancing creates a ‘window’ of calm so the strength can be found, or the way forward can be seen. Sometimes several treatments are needed. If you have been through a trauma and have dealt with it on some levels but still feel like you cannot let go then you might find that you are fully back into balance and raring to go after a healing/balancing. If you are struggling with an issue healing cannot make the issue go away. The event that created an imbalance will still remain. The healing can only create a space and calm to help deal with the situation in hand. If the situation is not faced then the same problems will return.

How do these therapies/activities balance the chakras and energy field?

Energy is simply vibrations in different forms. Sound, colour, healing energy and crystal energy all vibrate at different frequencies. Each of our chakras/energy fields vibrate at a different frequency: The root at the lowest and the crown at the highest. In music, the root will respond to a low note and the crown to a high note. The sound acts like a tuning fork.

Crystals work in a similar way. When heat or energy is applied to a crystal the atoms and electrons react inside causing the crystal to vibrate. Red crystals vibrate at frequencies that are similar to the root chakra, orange crystals vibrate at a similar frequency to the sacral chakra etc. We are often drawn to the crystal that we need.

Colour therapy works in a similar way. Have you ever wondered why you ‘had to wear your blue jumper’ or the red shirt feels great one day but gives you a headache looking at it the next!

When we listen to our body it tells us what we need. It will also tell us the foods we need to eat and those which are bad for us….. we just need to begin tuning in and listening. Our sensitivity increases with practice and time.

Balancing Meditation

I hope that you are beginning to understand that we are not a body with a ‘thing’ called a chakra. We are whole, existing beyond what we see as the normal human body. The chakras are simply doorways that open and close. We understand the physical parts of our body such as the mouth/lungs which breathe air in and out depending on what we need; sometimes we are more active and need more air so we breathe deeper and quicker. The chakras are doing the same job but in a more energetic way.

I hope that you also understand what we experience through our mind, emotions and physical body are not separate. All need to be in harmony and when one is not in balance then they are all affected. A stubbed toe can stop us connecting to our friend because our reality is brought right back to our basic need. A swirling mind can be helped by eating well and having the physical body balanced by a walk in the county, or a swim or a reflexology treatment or by doing yoga or Qigong…….

We must look at our physical, emotional or mental needs as a whole and by taking care of the ‘whole’ self we will feel safe, be as pain-free as possible, have healthy relationships and be able to make clear rational decisions and live a life full of love and joy…….

In our next post, we will just be going through some helpful products for each Chakra and Energy Fields that you can use every day to help you take on the next steps and balance Chakras and Auric Fields.  Chakras & Aromatherapy Pt 4 –  Essential Oils for the Severn Chakras.